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New York Yankee fans are still shell shocked. How could their beloved bombers miss the World Series yet again? I was not shocked. On August 2, 2007, I saw this coming.

It was a hot summer day in the Bronx. The Yankees were facing the Chicago White Sox in a day game. Roger Clemens was on the mound, and Yankee fans were feeling good about the prospects of a sweep. Hey, they had been so far behind, 14 games to the Red Sox.

Calamity struck. Clemens got shelled, allowing 8 runs in 1.2 innings. After two innings, the Yankees were behind 8-0. Then something amazing happened. New York came back in the bottom of the 2nd inning and mounted the most amazing comeback these eyes have ever seen. After two innings, the game was tied at 8.

If you look back at the box score, the Yankees lose that game, 13-9. I was struck. Sometimes I see things a little bigger than they are. But this was no mistake. August 2, 2007 was a microcosm of the New York Yankees 2007 season. They fell down big (to the Red Sox and White Sox), made a miraculous comeback (hey, they did make the playoffs), only to go on and lose in must unceremonious fashion.

From that day, I knew that was the Yankees season. It could end no other way than a gallant comeback, only for them to fall flat on their face.

Now Yankee fans are catching up to what I’ve been saying for two plus months now. Great comeback, amazing comeback. I’ve never seen a team overcome 8 runs. Then again, I’ve never seen a team overcome 8 runs, to go on and lose. Your 2007 New York Yankees. What a comeback!

Time for reflecting Yankee fans. It’s gonna be a long offseason