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Category Archives: n-word

Like plenty of people, today I’m mourning a passing. The n-word is dead, as per NAACP mandate. Nigger is now officially out of the lexicon. Whoops. Forget I said that. I shouldn’t, because since I’m not a minority, I’m not allowed to be racist (only minorities can be racist…..thanks Carlos Mencia). But is the n-word dead?


N-word, you’ve gotta be crazy! Like a lot of guys, I enjoy watching Sportscenter, on ESPN. As some may have noticed, they’ve employed the talents of T.I. for their ‘Who’s Next’ promotion. T.I. wrote a Sportscenter version of ‘Big Shit Poppin,’ especially for mass consumption. But let’s see how the song really goes. Here’s the opening verse.

<< Do it (3x) what u waiting for
Do it (3x) what u waiting for
Do it (3x) what u waiting for
Now Lemme hear you say
Big shit poppin, and lil shit stoppin (3x)
Ball on these niggas being broke is not an option>>


Apparently T.I. didn’t get an invitation to the funeral. Still, it illuminates that the n-word is alive and kicking.

Personally, I think the whole idea is ridiculous. Next thing you know, people won’t even be allowed to say n-word to describe the n-word. N-word, are you kidding me? Is there a point when things have veered away from sanity and reality, and into the realm of sketch comedy? This latest public spectacle is getting eerily close. What’s next? Hispanics will put beaner to rest? But then how will Carlos Mencia feed his family?


I may be a little jaded and cynical, but I think this sort of pomp and pageantry simply fosters ill will. It’s espeically striking when you consider who uses nigga, nigger and n-word the most: blacks of all stripes. So if ni**er is defunct, let’s see if we can push the envelope. I propose (and have actually been doing it for a while) using the phrase ‘n-word’ rather than nigg**. Why? To see how long until there are calls to ban the n-word……which would lead to the logical progression of morphing ‘n-word’ into n. From there the only plan of action would be to ban the letter N.

That’s the day I can’t wait for: when the NAACP is holding a funeral for The Letter N. The problem is that the n-word isn’t dead. Do you think Russell Simmons, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre and every other hip hop icon of the last quarter century is going to go back and dub ‘n-word’ in every time ‘nigger’ is said? And do you think rappers will stop? N-word please!