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As some may remember from an earlier post, I’d like to incorporate music (non-stop, drone, repetitive music) into the prison system, as a deterrent to crime.  The notion of listening to Celine Dion for any stretch of time is too much.  Well, thanks to the folks at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, in Cebu, Philippines, I’ve got more ammunition for the fight towards prison reform.

Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is the best known.  But the inmates at CPDRC have tons of videos on YouTube.  Jumbo Hotdog is one of my favorites.

That’s simply because it gives me an opportunity to also link you up to the original version, by Masculados.  I’m almost positive it’s some sort of Philippine gay porn, but I’m not quite sure.

I want people to see these videos, search online for other CPDRC videos, show them to their friends and talk about them.  If inmates can be subjected to wearing pink underwear (thanks, Joe Arpaio!) and dancing to Queen, then why not make inmates dress like clowns, listening to J.Lo all day?  The prospect of listening to “Jenny From the Block,” continuously, looking like this sad sack, would make a lot of people think twice about committing crimes.