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I recently returned from New Orleans. Hadn’t been there before Katrina, so I really have no perspective. But based on the photos (in the Mid-City neighborhood), things are fucked, putting it lightly.

Israel M. Augustine Middle School

Yes. That does say August 18, 2005. If you go to New Orleans next month, the sign will still read August 18, 2005. But Augustine isn’t in the French Quarter (it’s on S. Broad and Tulane), so nobody will see this.


Don’t worry tho, at least you can get your kids into an elementary school.

Fisk Howard Elementary School

Oops. Now I didn’t take photos, but literally RIGHT around the corner of Augustine Middle School, on Tulane Avenue, are ample bail bonds offices. Bright, shiny, newly painted bail bonds offices. Welcome to New Orleans. The schools are still shuttered more than two years after the fact, but the criminal justice industry is booming!

Look at the bright side. At least Brangelina is helping out in the Lower Ninth Ward! Then again, the Eight Ward is in worse shape, but nobody cares……..doesn’t have the cache value of the Ninth.


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  1. I think the education should come first before all of this “criminal justice industry” or anything else for that matter.


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